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Angela Daniels

Anjali Yoga & Wellbeing
Yoga, Spinal Energetics, Massage, Reiki/Energy Healing, Sound Healing

Angela offers from our space, Yoga, Therapeutic Massage, Energy / Reiki / Crystal & Sound Healing, Spinal Energetics

0412 577 430

Angela Daniels

‘May you honour the unique being that you are'

Angela offers from our space, Yoga, Spinal Energetics, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki/Crystal & Sound Healing.

Embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing, she is passionate in sharing how these practices can be the ultimate in promoting health, regulating the Nervous system and general wellbeing, guiding you to live a more balanced and peaceful existence.

Whether you attend one of her Yoga classes or Sound Healings or experience a Therapeutic treatment, her aim is to help you find deep calm, enabling you to activate your Parasympathetic nervous system which in turn can allow you to experience a strong sense of connectedness between your mind, body and soul.

About Angela

YOGA- I began practicing Yoga and Meditation over 25 years ago and was drawn to the mat as a way to find calm, strength, balance & connection. It was not only a love of these practices but a way of life that eventually led me to become both a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.
I offer mindful, flowing yoga classes that link movement with breath and as a Yoga Therapist I provide 1:1 sessions if you prefer to not attend a group setting.
In a society that keeps encouraging us to “let go” but doesn’t tell us how…
I invite you to discover the healing potential you already have within you. At the heart of my approach is a deep focus on the spine, nervous system and energetic field and their pivotal roles in our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul wellbeing. Through my work I support the flow of vital energy throughout the body, releasing blockages, trauma and restoring balance within.
Above all, I strive to create a safe environment for each person I work with, holding space for them to explore their own healing journey while providing guidance as a trained Trauma Informed Therapist. Please head to my website for more information.
Also offering Therapeutic Massage treatments and Reiki/Crystal healing treatments. Each session is intuitive and unique to suit you allowing you to feel safe enough to deeply relax and connect back to your beautiful innate self.
For more information please go to my website or connect with me directly.

Namaste, Angela

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