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Kelly Veronica

Kelly Veronica Somatic Sexologist
Somatic Sexologist, Massage

Kelly is a fertility, womb and remedial massage therapist, somatic sexologist, woman’s pleasure practitioner, reiki master and yoga teacher.

0413 305 064

Kelly Veronica

Working with me:
Safe, nurturing, expression

My sessions are holistic and tailored to each and every client. Guided by my intuition I will read your body and use my extensive training, education, and wisdom to work both from an anatomical, emotional and energetic perspective. My approach is collaborative; I believe in working with you to find and create what works best for you and your body on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Utilising different modalities depending on the session and the client from massage, to yoni mapping, womb healing, sound therapy, breathwork, and essential oils, I will assist your body to release, reawaken, and to restore. I will create a space where you feel safe, held, nurtured, and supported. A space where you can be vulnerable, where there is no restriction only understanding and where physical, emotional, and sexual feelings are encouraged and explored.

As a practitioner and facilitator, I work predominantly with women, from young women to mothers, to those with birth trauma, premenopausal and menopausal, women that feel emotionally and physically disconnected from themselves and energetically depleted, as well as those who just want to continue to expand and grow. Through my work of supporting and guiding women, I also work with couples, assisting them to develop awareness around each other’s sexual needs and desires and to build communication and understanding within their relationship. Often as women we aren’t even aware of how we would like our partners to honour our own sexual desires. Through facilitating this work together, I will help and support you to find your way back to your body and ignite your own sexual energy, as well as the energy you and your partner have together. It doesn’t matter your age, history, or circumstances, it is about reconnecting with the wisdom of your own body and remembering what pleasure feels like for you. For you to no longer feel separate, lost, or numb, or to be suffering from emotional trauma and tension. But to learn to love your body and magnify your own sexual expression.

My qualifications
teacher, healer, leader:
- Certificate in Sexological Bodywork, Institute of Somatic Sexology
- Certificate in Somatic Sex Education, Institute of Somatic Sexology
- Womb and Fertility Massage, Fertility Massage Therapy
- Diploma of Remedial Massage, Australian College of Natural Therapies
- Reiki Master
- Yoga Teacher Training, Goddess Yoga Bangkok

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